Johnson Farms Instagram Launch 

Johnson Farms has a loyal and engaged Facebook following totaling 12k followers. However with 50% of those engaged over the age of 45, Johnson Farms wanted a new way to reach their younger audience and promote all the family-friendly activities available at Johnson Farms Plants & Pumpkins.

Goal: Extend Johnson Farms’ social presence with the launch of an Instagram page and influencer outreach.

Results: Through user-generated content and strategic partnerships, Johnson Farms doubled Instagram followers in one month with specific focus on 25-44 year olds. 

Leveraged user-generated content to increase engagement 

Johnson Farms is a fall family destination for u-pick pumpkins, apples, veggies, playground activities for the kiddos and an animal corral. With so many families capturing their visit to Johnson Farms, we leveraged #johnsonfarmsmo to promote all activities & things to do at the farm.

local influencer partnership

Partnered with local influencer network to grow Instagram followers and increase awareness of Johnson Farms among target audience. Partnership included exclusive influencer event, sponsored blog and social posts and Instagram takeover. 

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